Still High Prices – US $65,000.00

Adventure Overland Show – Stratford upon Avon

Thought I might do a quick note on the Adventure Overland Show. Didn’t know what to expect other than it was held in Stratford upon Avon. We got the ferry from Dublin Port… Continue reading

Heat Wave !!

Heat wave Well that’s officially any warm weather of 25 degrees in Ireland. And with that time to load up the old land cruiser and have some fun. Took the truck to the… Continue reading

All Done … Well for now anyway !

Last piece of the Jigsaw … First things first, the suspension, well it seems the uncontrolled and erratic bonce is gone. After a few e-mails, and some measurements, Bob (Tpi4x4) diagnosed the problem,… Continue reading

Shake Down

Went for a drive over the weekend with a few Land Cruiser owners to give the old BJ41 a proper run. Covered a decent few miles over three days, some rough back roads… Continue reading

What a difference a Year Makes …. !

Monday, 7 January 2013 What a difference a Year Makes …. ! Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration FJ40 BJ40 BJ41 TLC Well believe it or not it is close to one year since I… Continue reading

Dune Beige

Who would have thought that picking a colour could be such an ordeal  …. Well I suppose I should clarify the above by saying it was actually never a decision because I was… Continue reading

Evolution of a dash

Like most things as noted before, there seems to be a lot of bespoke stuff going on with this BJ41. Not originally planned but that just seems to be how things go. Its… Continue reading

One Step Forward Two Steps ….

One step forward two steps …..   One step forward two steps ….. well you all know how that line goes and that’s how it feels sometimes. This is not the first time… Continue reading

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